Hosting Guide


The u.lab invites you to create a place to learn together with other people. We call these places Hubs.

Creating a Hub is actually quite simple. A Hub is any space where some u.lab participants gather together (in person) to watch the live sessions and, if you choose, engage in dialogue and reflective exercises in small groups before and afterward. Hubs complement the online/digital part of the u.lab with a place based, in-person component. We say it's simple because you start by having a conversation after each of the live-sessions – something that anyone can organize. In fact, over 350 self-organized hubs formed during u.lab in January 2015!

There are (at least) two different ways to form a Hub - described below. For detailed information, find the u.lab Hub Host Guide here.

Virtual Space for Hubs

Here on the PI u.lab site, you can search, join, and create online spaces for your hub members to interact:

Circle of Friends

Copenhagen Hub

Form a hub with a small group in your home or in another suitable location. Invite your friends, or use the Presencing Institute Participant Directory to find other u.lab participants in your area and arrange a space to meet. Or tell friends with whom you want to connect to enroll in the u.lab now so you can use the lab (and your circle) to deepen your connection with them.

Innovation Hub

Scotland Hub

Convene a group of stakeholders who want to change the system in which they work. If you are taking the u.lab with others in your organization or larger system, use live sessions as the opening part of half- or full-day workshops, and use the entire u.lab as a eight-week innovation period to co-create or accelerate a new initiative.