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Course Schedule

U.Lab begins Thursday, September 10th, 2015 at 10am EDT (-4 UTC). New course material will be released on edX every Thursday at that time. In addition, on September 17th, October 8th, and October 29th there will be a live session from 10am-11:15am EDT, broadcast from the MIT Campus. The link to the live sessions will be posted on edX. There will be a final follow-up live session on Thursday, December 17th, 2015 at 10am EDT (-5 UTC). Please mark your calendars now!

About Transforming Business, Society, and Self with U.Lab


Join the global movement to build a new economy by co-sensing and co-creating the emerging future.

We live in a time of disruptive change, one that requires a new collective leadership capacity. In this groundbreaking course, we invite you on a journey to see the world in new ways and practice a method that allows leaders, entire organizations, and larger social systems to connect with and actualize their highest future possibility.

Journey of U.Lab

In January 2015, 30,000 people from 190 countries enrolled in U.Lab. In an exit survey, 52% said it was “eye-opening”, while another 36% called it “life-changing”. U.Lab has inspired the first-known use of a MOOC by a government as a platform for citizens to shape the issues that matter to them, it has been used in management teams of the world’s leading NGOs, and it is now being used in 48 Impact Hubs worldwide – by locally-rooted, globally connected communities of change makers to catalyze systemic change.

In the U.Lab you will learn Theory U, an approach to leading profound change that has been developed by action researchers at MIT, and practiced by leaders around the world, for over 20 years.

Theory U

You will apply this method to a challenge, issue, or system that matters to you.


And you will have the opportunity to form self-organized Hubs and peer coaching circles with other U.Lab participants; in order to co-sense and co-shape the future that you feel is wanting to emerge in your work, and life, right now.

You will be joining a community that includes national government leaders from Scotland, founders and members of 48 Impact Hubs around the world, business leaders in the U.S, Brazil, and China, and many other inspired change makers from over 180 countries worldwide who are interested in creating more aware, inclusive, sustainable societies.