Looking for technical support? Have questions or feedback about U.Lab? Finding problems with this site? Here are a few ways to find help and offer suggestions to improve this site:


1. Post questions or problems to the course discussion board, and team members or other U.Lab participants may respond.

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2. Email questions to and a member of the course team will make every effort to assist you. Angela will primarily be answering the U.Lab email address - so if you write, feel free to address her by name.

Website Feedback

If you notice any bugs with this site, you can report them to the course team using this form - and we'll aim to address them as soon as possible.

Due to the high number of students (nearly 30,000) registered for U.Lab, the course team will naturally have a limited capacity to reply, but we will try our best.

In addition, during the course we will film “office hours” videos to address some of the most common questions and ideas that emerged during the previous week. Those will be posted to the Course Info page on edX, typically on Wednesdays.

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