About U.Lab

Welcome to u.lab 1x. Since 2015, over 75,000 people from 183 countries have taken part in this course. As of this writing, the current cohort includes approximately 20,000 participants.

Experiential Learning

This is a course for active, experiential learners. The ideas and practices in u.lab 1x are best understood by trying them. While it’s possible to benefit from this course by only watching the videos, the real learning happens when you apply these methods to a question or challenge in your work or life. This will mean that you spend a significant amount of your time in u.lab away from your computer. We suggest you pick an issue that matters to you, and for which the way forward is not currently clear.

Course Schedule

All class weeks launch on Thursdays at 10am Et (Utc -5)

Week 0: Getting Started - September 8th 
Week 1: Co-Initiating - September 15th
** Live Session: September 15th From 10:00am – 11.30am
    The Link Will Be Posted On Edx A Few Days Before The Session.
Week 2: Co-Sensing (Part 1) - September 22nd
Week 3: Co-Sensing (Part 2) - September 29th
Week 4: Presencing - October 6th At 10am
** Live Session: October 6th From 10:00am – 11.30am
    The Link Will Be Posted On Edx A Few Days Before The Session.
Week 5: Crystallizing - October 13th
Week 6: Prototyping - October 20th
Week 7: Co-Evolving - October 27th
** Live Session: October 27th, 10:00am – 11.30am Eastern Time
    The Link Will Be Posted On Edx A Few Days Before The Session.
Week 8: Global Movement Building - November 3rd

There Is A Final Live Session On December 15th

u.lab for Systems Change

u.lab 1x is part of a broader set of u.lab offerings that we call the u.lab for systems change. Co-initiated over the past two decades by action researchers at MIT and the Presencing Institute, the u.lab for systems leadership enables leaders to address the deeper sources of today’s complex societal challenges. Today’s global challenges require new structures, and new mindsets, new sources of awareness and creativity across social systems. The u.lab supports leaders to operate from these deeper levels by:

  1. Co-convening cross-sector innovation labs for leaders in business, government, and civil society
  2. Supporting place-based hubs, where change makers from diverse backgrounds come together to prototype solutions to challenges that they need each other to solve
  3. Developing massive capacity building mechanisms that leverage emerging educational technologies (like MOOCs!) and use them in novel ways to scale change
  4. Inventing and openly sharing new social technologies that catalyze massive positive change towards addressing the ecological, social, and spiritual challenges of our time.

The u.lab for systems leadership aims to strengthen the capacity of individuals, communities, institutions and systems to respond to the increasing flow of disruptive challenges – not through a single intervention, but through an innovation ecosystem that activates the dormant potential of aspiring social entrepreneurs, change makers within organizations, and communities around the world.

For this growing network, we offer change labs focused on key “acupuncture points” for economic transformation, support a network of hubs, create and freely distribute social technologies for profound innovation and offer capacity building mechanisms.

The u.lab 0x course, which is a pre-requisite to u.lab 1x, is the first step along this journey. The second is the 1x course you are about to begin.