Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to questions that participants frequently have about this site. We will continue updating this page on a regular basis to make it as comprehensive as possible. (last updated 6th September, 2016)

Login Issues

How do I register for u.lab on this site with an existing account?

Upon your first log in, the system directs automatically to the registration for u.lab 2016. Please check in your profile whether you can filter by course "u.lab 2016" in the drop down menu. If you do not see the lab there, please register here.

I try to log in to my account, but the system says I am unknown.

Please make sure to log in here In case your tried it on, it will NOT work, because the sites are related but have independent logins.

If you were on the correct page and used your username, please try using your email address + password instead (if you have several email addresses, perhaps you registered using a different one?). If all of this does not work, please contact

I have requested a new password but the email never came.

You should have received an email with a one-time access link to your profile. This link allows you to change the password yourself. Did you check your junk mail? Is it possible you registered using a different email address? If you're still having trouble, please contact

I received the email with the link for one time access and I see this sentence "To change your Username, Password, or Email address you must first enter your current password, which is case-sensitive." However, I see only the fields to enter a new password and to confirm this.

There are some things we would love to change about our site, but can't. This is one of them. For now, please disregard the sentence. Only enter the NEW password in the left field and confirm the same password in the right field.

I can not see the "Participate" (or other) menu. If I try to access through edX, then it says "Oops, something’s gone wrong! ..."

Please make sure to first log in to your account There are areas on the website that are only visible for registered participants. If you have not yet registered for u.lab 2016, but only for the previous u.lab or Just Money, make sure to register for u.lab 2016 in order to access the course pages. Please find detailed information above.

I see only my Activities from u.lab 2016 or Just Money, but not the last u.lab.

You will always see the Activity from the lab that you selected in your profile (drop down menu). There, you can select which activities/about me you want to review (u.lab 2016 will be displayed first if you've registered).

I am having troubles on, what can I do?

Please contact the edx help center.



How can I change my email address and/or information that is visible publicly?

Once logged in, you should see your username on top of the page right. Click on your name and it will take you to your profile. Then select the “Account” tab. You can change your personal details here. Please do not forget to SAVE the changes at the bottom of the page.

In case you want to make changes in the “About Me” tab, the process is the same.

How can I add a profile picture after my profile is already created?

Please access your profile as explained in the previous question. You will find the option to upload a photo at the bottom of the page. Please do not forget to SAVE the change.

How can I delete my profile (or one of my profiles, if I accidentally made two)?

Please log in to your account (see above question), go to “Account” and find the “cancel account” button at the very end of the page. You will be asked a second time whether you really want to cancel the account and once you confirm (by clicking on the yellow button) your profile will be deleted.


Messaging & Notifications

How do I get automated emails when someone posts in my Hub? How do I stop getting automated emails?

To receive automated emails for every post in your Hub, click the "subscribe" button on the left side of that hub's timeline. If you no longer want to receive automated emails, please click "Unsubscribe".
You can always see the latest activities in all the hubs you have joined in your profile/My Activities section.

How do I get automated emails when someone posts in my Coaching Circle? How do I stop getting automated emails?

In your coaching circle timeline, click on "Subscribe" (one of the buttons in the row of golden buttons, next to "Get a Hangout Link") in order to get the emails. Click "unsubscribe" in order to stop receiving emails.

Why do my comments not appear in the comment section of my hub/coaching circle?

Did you subscribe to receiving automated emails if someone posts to your hub/coaching circle? Did you possibly answer to one of the emails? An answer to the automated emails will NOT appear anywhere, ONLY comments that are posted in the timeline. 

FYI a shortcut to all the hubs you joined is the list in your profile/My Activities.

How can I access my new personal messages?

Please log in to your profile On top of the page right you will see that you are logged in and whether you have any new messages. Click messages in order to access your personal mailbox.
You should also receive an automated email with a direct link to the message in the inbox. 


Coaching Circles

We have one (or more) inactive members in our coaching circle. What can we do?

The members might not have selected “subscribe” in order to get announcements if somebody posts a comment. You might want to contact them via their personal profile. In case there is still no reply, you might want to consider leaving the coaching circle, finding a different one or starting a new one. 

We are a coaching circle of more than 6 members. Can you expand the space for us?

Unfortunately this is technically not possible. The size of the group was chosen carefully in order to support the process. If you decide to work as a larger group, you will need to connect via email or another form of communication. 

How does a Google hangout work? Can we use something different?

Please find detailed instructions here (page 3 onward) (log in to required in order to access)

I want to form a coaching circle with specific people. We already agreed to work together. How can I make sure only they join my circle?

Please find detailed instructions ​here (page 3 onward) (log in to required in order to access)

How do I filter to find the best coaching circle for me?

Please find detailed instructions here (page 1 and 2) (log in to required in order to access)

Is there a way to change coaching circles?

Yes, you are free to leave a coaching circle and find a different one. We suggest you post a comment in the timeline to explain to the other participants why you are leaving. Please find more information about coaching circles here (log in to required in order to access)

Can 'auditers' (non-certificate) still participate in Coaching Circle with others? 

Yes! Absolutely!



Can we make our hub private/invisible?

Unfortunately, with our current design, this is not possible. We do hope to develop this option in the future.


Discussion Board

I'm "following" a few discussion board conversations. Is there a way to receive updates when others post?

Our notification system does not work as well as we had hoped. The system does not send out an email notifications when replies are posted to a thread. You can see activity, though, in your profile. The "My Activities" area tracks all discussions you are following. You can jump right into a specific thread with this short cut.



Its great to be able to download the materials. Is it OK to share the videos with colleagues?

Please find more about this topic here