Case Clinic

Where are U: 

Case clinics are often used during the prototyping phase of the process.

At a Glance: 

Case Clinics guide a team or a group of peers through a process in which a case giver presents a case, and a group of 3-4 peers or team members help as consultants based on the principles of the U-Process and process consultation. Case Clinics allow participants to:

  • Generate new ways to look at a challenge or question.
  • Develop new approaches for responding to this.

To access the wisdom and experience of peers and to help a peer respond to an important and immediate leadership challenge in a better and more innovative way. 

Uses & Outcome: 
  • Concrete and innovative ideas for how to respond to a pressing leadership challenge.
  • High level of trust and positive energy among the peer group. 
Set Up: 

People & Place
Groups of 4-5 peers.
Sufficient space so that groups can work without distractions.

A minimum of 70 minutes is required.
Chairs for each group to sit in a circle or around a table.
The handout of the process.


Please download instructions to the process here

  • The case should be a leadership challenge that is current and concrete.
  • The case giver needs to be a key player in the case.
  • The participants in the case clinics are peers, so there is no hierarchical relationship among them.
  • Don’t give advice but listen deeply.
Use with...: 

Mindfulness and listening practices


Participants of a master class program form peer learning groups. They do their first case clinic while they are in the program, and then use the process for monthly phone calls that allow each participant to present a case.


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