Visual Practice Tools

Here is a place for tools that support visual practice, specifically in the u.lab context.

Weekly Calls

  1. Getting Started: Four Levels of Scribing
  2. Co-Initiating: Model of Practice, Containers, Attending
  3. Co-Sensing: Opening, Suspension
  4. Presencing: Generative Scribing
  5. Crystallizing: Discerning 
  6. Prototyping: Modeling


Week 7: Global Movement Building

This week we shared overall experience through the u.lab cycle, reviewed the topics from all previous weeks, added a piece on scale (connected to containers) and talked about ideas for moving forward into 2017. Reading: Steady to Scale

Password = ulab

Image frmo the call by Jayce Lee


Visual Aids

u.lab Journey

PDF iconu.lab_VisualAid_Journey.pdf


*Note... this aid is specifically intended to follow the Journaling Process.

PDF iconu.lab_CrystallizingVisualAid.pdf

PDF iconu.lab_CrystallizingVisualAid_Spanish.pdf



PDF iconu.lab_OpeningAid.pdf

PDF iconu.lab_OpeningAid_Spanish.pdf



PDF iconu.lab_VisualHarvestAid.pdf

PDF iconu.lab_VisualHarvestAid_Spanish.pdf